VPA-20, Controllable 40 watt Stereo/Mono Digital Audio Amplifier

The Veltronic VPA-20 is a Professional Stereo/Mono Audio Amplifier offering a total of 3 Inputs, two selectable Stereo inputs, and one mixing microphone input. The VPA-20 is based on the digital amplification circuit (Class-D) and allows to work in either Stereo mode 2x20w or in Bridge mode (Mono) at 1x40W. The Veltronic amplifier has a built-in EQ control to allow users the ability to adjust Bass and Treble.  

Compact Digital Audio Amplifier

  • Brand: Fonica
  • Product Code: VPA-20B
  • Availability: In Stock

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Optional IR Remote Control: VPA-20-IR for the VPA-20B Compact Class D Amplifier.Comes with:1 x IR..

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