About Us

Fonica Media is your dynamic solutions based integration partner
poised on the bleeding edge of Audio Video technology. Our product line has
grown to cover almost every conceivable solution in the Audio Video industry
with new innovative products.

Fonica Media is focused on connectivity through a variety of signal
formats and types, including IP Audio and video streaming. We cover many
vertical markets ranging from the CE industry, to industries such as broadcast,
entertainment, digital signage, medical digital imaging, education and

As the Audio Video market expands further into the HD realm, market demand
for products which allow users to implement newer technologies with existing
legacy and computer systems will also increase. Our diverse product base is
perhaps one of its greatest assets, allowing the unique ability to merge

We Specialize in Connectivity Solutions

  • Analogue, Digital and IP Audio
  • Streaming & IP video
  • Video Distribution and transmission
  • Medical
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Commercial and Pro Audio